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Incorporated in 2018,

An organization built on a rock hard foundation of trust and goodwill has achieved its goals & yet miles to go. We feel, Business like life is about relationships, founded on trust and rooted In the belief that hard work and adherence to high ethical standards will result in good things for both the customers and ODIN EXIM International.

India is the world’s leading or one of the largest producers in agricultural sector. The agricultural sector in the country is known for its high degree of product diversity. Indian agricultural industry is on the verge of revolutions, which will modernize the entire food industry. Due to the number of important Indian agricultural product as compared to those produced in west and other countries, provide India considerable export opportunities in the market.

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Core values

Integrity, consistency, quality.

Pratap Singh Patankar



He has graduated in Economics from Pune University. He has 34 years if field and administrative experience and has been honored by the President of India for meritorious service . He hails from a family of agricultural experts and background.

Ashalata Patankar

Director of Marketing and Sales


She has Graduated from Pune University in Organic Chemistry . She has a Master of Science from Pune University. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and workforce management.
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